Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scripture Mastery Conference

On Saturday September 20th, 2014 we were all privilege to attend a Scripture Self-Mastery Event which was organized by Lindiwe Chibase, the beautiful girl in the red, black and white skirt in the middle of the front row.

Elder Edington and I (top left) had the topic of "Searching the Scriptures Using a Magnifying Glass". Next to us are Elder and Sister Huls, Brother and Sister Beldon, Sister and President Zackrison and Sister and Elder Carlilie.  We were all presenters with various topics about making scripture study a life long experience.   Those in front are some of the youth that came to experience the Conference.

Elder Edington and I did a power point presentation on the tools that we can use to magnify or search the scriptures very closely. We talked about hand tools and power tools.  Some of the hand tools we talked about were marking the scriptures,  using scripture chains, imagining yourself in the scripture and using dictionaries, indexes etc.  The power tools that Elder Edington showed were the gospel library and the citation index.

This wonderful sister was anxious for her sweet family to learn about the scriptures.

Sister and Elder Huls (Employment Specialists)

Kevin, Lindi
Sister Zackrison and Elder Kaiser
President Zackrison and Elder Carlile

Sister and Elder Nothnagel (Stake Patriarch)

The Huls, the Beldons, the Zackrisons,
the Carliles and Lindi and Lindiwe
(My favorite South African twins)

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