Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Near Sentinel Peak May 30th

  On Saturday May 30 we went to Phuthadittjhaba to meet with the new branch president, President Moloi.  He has served for the last year as a counselor to President Bird, a Senior Missionary.  

The Birds  were given the responsibility of teaching and training the members in the Phuthaditjhaba Branch how to successfully run a branch with as many of the organizations as they could possibly support.  They started a young men's and young women's program which was a huge success.  The seminary and institute programs grew to include members and non member alike.  They had older investigators that attended institute as well.  The growth was remarkable.
 These beautiful blankets were on display for anyone to purchase.  They were beautiful.  We purchased the one I am holding.  The beautiful Lady with me is the Lady that made this rug.  The young man in the picture with here is her son.  He had some sand art and crystals that he was selling.  

We had a wonderful day enjoying the beauty of nature and God's creations.  We are so grateful for the opportunities to enjoy South Africa pup close and personally.