Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lindi and Lindiwe

We first met these beautiful young ladies when we went to the Kroonstad Group.  I did not realize there where two young ladies at first but soon I identified with Lindi and Lindiwe because they are twins just like my sister and I.  They were so kind and very loving from the very moment we met.  I have loved them for their kindness and friendship to two, somewhat shell shocked, white, Senior missionaries from America.  We have both come to love them as daughters.

Lots of love for everyone 

Our girls came to a special conference where we got a new stake president.  

Elder Edington finally got into the picture

Elder Bagley was serving in Kroonstad where these young ladies live.
 He has been transfer near Durban.

Here are some pictures of our favorite twins, Lindi and Lindiwe

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