Monday, September 1, 2014

Captive Audience of Students

Because of Elder Chapman and Elder Matambala . . . .  .

six of these Elders were able to talk about the "For the Strength of Youth"
pamphlet with over a thousand students
This outdoor assembly took place at a school in a community called Thabang.
This community is located near Welkom.

The school assembly started and ended with a prayer.

The students sang about and praised the Lord.  This is certainly not the USA.
Elder Matambala and Elder Chapan went to a school in Thabang that has 1600 students and asked the assistant principal if they, and some other missionaries, could speak to the students at their school about things that would make their students better people. They where invited to speak at the school assembly on Monday morning.  All the missionaries were very excited and anxious to share their message with so many people all at the same time.  Elder Edington and I were there to lend support and help them if they needed anything.  Elder Matambala acted as the MC and took charge of introducing the other missionaries.  Each elder took their turn and told about a subject from the FTSOY pamphlet.  The students were respective and responsive, giving the missionaries their attention and sometimes a bit of celebrity status.  The Elders did a very good job of presenting their messages and Elder Edington introduced us and I said the closing prayer.  Pamphlets were left for any students who wanted one.


  1. I love this post. It made tears come to my eyes, and chills go down my back. The gospel is wonderful, and so are the Saints and Missionaries in South Africa! Love, Mike and Janie Keep up the good work!

  2. What a wonderful way to share the gospel and help the youth of Africa at the same time.