Monday, October 20, 2014

South Africa Heritage Day

On Wednesday September 24 the Saints in South Africa celebrated a South African Holiday called Heritage Day.  President Nyatshoba asked us what we were going to do for Heritage day.  We told him clean our office and do paper work.  We really did not know what Heritage day was and so we did not think much of it.  We received a phone call from our institute teacher in Thaba Nchu telling us he needed 6 more Pearl of Great Price Books, so we told him we would bring them over that day.  Without thinking any more about it we cleaned the office then headed to Thaba Nchu.  When we got to the church we were in for a big surprise.  The sisters in the ward were having a celebration of Heritage Day.  They were dressed in traditional clothing and were eating traditional food.  We ended up celebrating Heritage Day after all.

I love the fact that in the gospel sister are sisters in Arizona, Lesotho or Thaba Nchu South Africa.  These wonderful sister agreed to allow me to take their pictures and share them with my sister back home.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed participating in their Heritage Days.
This sweet sister always greets me with kind words and great smiles    

I love the bright colors of her skirt and head band.
Blankets are a common part of
the Lesotho clothing
This Lesotho Blanket is like Elder Edington

This sister had a great time showing off her
African shweshwe dress

Bright colors are beautiful but I can not help
but love the brown designs as well.

This is our institute teachers wife

This sister said her clothes were not
traditional but I wanted her picture anyway.

This sister has a bowl of corn that has been dried, then soaked,
then cooked.   It was good

As you can see in this and many of the
other pictures the women often wear a head
covering os some sort.

This is a typical African shweshwe material and pattern.

The kids had fun too!

I love the necklace the little girl is wearing
The beading on the skirt is remarkable
Boys will be boys, shoes off and playing cars

Everyone wants in on the show.
His cute smile stretches from ear to ear.

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