Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nalidi Hlanyane

Sometimes I get the opportunity to have some fun working with one of the youth in our home.  I had a young lady by the name of Naledi Hlanyane ask me if I would show her how to make cinnamon rolls.  She came on Monday September 22, 2014.  This is a picture of her in the back of our car as we traveled to and from her house.  She lives in Blomanda about 30 min. from our house.

Here is Naledi at the front door of our house.

We got so busy making cinnamon rolls we forgot 

to take very many pictures.

We had a fun day and really enjoyed making cinnamon rolls.
Naledi knows a lot about baking so it was not hard to teach her about the fine points of making bread.  She picked up on how to kneed the bread very quickly and realized the importance of not using to much flour.   She listened and learned well what she was being taught.  The cinnamon rolls turned out very nicely as you can see from her finished project.  She was happy to have her family night treat made and was excited to share it with her mom and sister and brother. 

Naledi is all packed up and ready to head home to show off her accomplishments.  I could not have asked for a nicer day spent with a sweet sister in the gospel.  A truly blessed day.

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