Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 21 DDM in Welkom

We have been going to DDMs in Welkom two or three times a month now since March.  We love these young men for who they are and who they are becoming.  We see them come and we see them go and when they go a little piece of our heart goes with them.  It has been a privilege for us to serve with all the missionaries that we have had the opportunity to serve with.  We have a fantastic group right now.  (If asked we would say that about all our groups)  They are working hard and many wonderful things are happening in the Welkom Area.

Picture taken October 21, 2014
From left to right they are  Elder Ochanda, Elder Matlala ,Elder LeFrance, Elder Kelsey, Elder Benlap , Elder Keizer, Elder Ochaya, Elder Sibeko, Elder Matambala, and Elder Chathyoka is in the front.


I try to provide some kind of food for the Elders each time we are there because I know they don't always get to eat good meals every day.  Usually the only day they have meals provided for them is on Sunday so I know they get hungry sometimes.  Sometimes we bring a complete meal, sometimes a sack lunch or a snack like cinnamon rolls.   This day I was very busy so they got a sack snack of store bought cinnamon rolls, some juice and some fruit.  Not what I like to do but sometimes what has to happen.  They always seen to appreciate what ever we bring.  One thing is for sure I almost never have leftovers and even then if I do I have a volunteer to take them home.

Elder Matambala and Elder Ochanda
Elder Ochanda and Elder Keizer

Elder Matlala and Chathyoka

Elder LaFrance and Elder Kelsey
ElderBenlap and Elder Sibeko

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