Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the Way to Fitsburge

Do you think the mission president
will let us keep them?
On the way to Ficksburg, yesterday, we really enjoyed a leisurely drive.  We stopped to take pictures and to enjoy two different tourist attractions.  Here are some pictures.

This was the first attraction that we stopped at.
If I could take these things home with me I would.

 These are large enough for children to get into.  They are on springs so they bounce all around.  I think the grandkids would love that.  Maybe Grandpa could put some in the back yard. 
      These interesting creatures are made of stone and wire.


Elder Edington (Grandpa) decided he liked these chicken because they did not require any feed and never left messes in the yard.  They are made of rusted metal.

                                   Wouldn't you love a playground
that looked like that.

I would like these at Alpine or in my back yard.  The thatched roofs would be very cooling in the summer.

What goes up
Must come down
  This was Elder Edington's idea

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