Monday, April 28, 2014

Cheetah Experience

On Friday April 25, 2014 Elder Edington and I had the opportunity to play with some cheetahs.  The first three pictures are of three cheetahs that were not taken away from there mothers in time for them to bond with humans so no one is allowed in with them.  They will eventually be released into the wild when they know how to hunt and protect themselves.

These cheetahs where born here at the cheetah project compound.   There are really very few cheetahs left in the world.  Partly because the gene pool is so small.  All cheetahs that are alive today come from cats that are really too closely related, but luckily they are responding well to breeding here at this compound.   There is hope for a better future for them.

Elder Edington got some awesome pictures.
It was difficult to decide which ones to put on the blog
This is one of Elder Edington's
favorite cheetah pictures.
This is a nice picture as well.

I am not sure if you can see this good enough
but if you look closely at the picture you will see
that my finger is in the cheetah's mouth.  Nobody
know why but this particulars cheetah likes so suck
on peoples thumbs. I was the only one in our group
 that was willing o stick my finger in the cheetah's mouth.
I was hoping it would make me look cool to my grandkids.
This is kind of blurry but it
is a close up of my thumb
in the cheetah's mouth.

Elder Edington got into the act as well.
 I can not help believe the cheetahs
are so calm with so many people.
This is a serval.  They are the
tallest cats of the small cat family.

          This African wild cat looks very nearly the same
            as the house cats we have had at home.  They have
            been inter breeding with domestic cats so there are very few true African wild cats left.

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  1. Scary mom!! but so cool all at the same time. the kids said "awesome". Keep on posting we love it!