Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Navel Hill

Life has been a bit busier than usual with a zone conference, teaching an extra seminary class and teacher training this past week so a welcome momentary relief came on preparation day when we got to go to Navel Hill.  We had been to navel hill one time before for a very short adventure. On that adventure we had the wonderful opportunity to give a young man named James a pass-a-long card and give his information to the missionaries.  He saw our name tags and asked us for information.  I found out later that we were the second set of missionaries to go to navel hill that day so he was already pumped up, but that is okay.  He just got two doses of Mormonism in a short couple hour period.

On our first adventure we saw five zebras in one group and 2 more zebra in another group.  Our hope on this trip was to see and get pictures of the giraffes for Aaron but it did not happen.

These animals seem tame but they
are not.  I would not try to pet them.
Elder Edington did not want me to get out of the car but I wanted the grandkids to see that the zebra where not very far away from us.  They are wild but are used to people coming around them.  

If you look to the left behind Elder
Edington you will see three blesbok
and an ostrich 

To me blesbok look like a strange
horse with horns

This was the only one I could get
a picture of looking at me.
These ostriches run around loose
but they are fed hay sometimes
These animals seem to get along very
well together

This is a shot taken from the top of
Navel Hill looking down over
This is another shot from the top of
Navel Hill
This is a huge statue of Nelson Mandella
I am standing next to him and I barely
go to his knees.  It is an impressive statue
that looks down over Bloemfontein.


  1. How fun!! the kids loved seeing all of your post. We enjoy looking at them and thanks for sharing your mission with us.

  2. We all loved seeing these pictures, so cool! Maybe you will see giraffes soon. Aaron is praying for you to see them.

  3. You both seem to be having a great time. Love all of the pictures. You guys look great. We love you all. I know the kids are going to get a kick out of all those pictures.