Sunday, March 30, 2014

Interesting Creatures We Have Seen!!!!

As we travel I keep me eyes glued to the sides of the road so I won't miss any of the Animals or other creatures that can be found here in South Africa.  You can imagine my surprise when we came upon these fearsome and funny creatures.   I love them.  We see them every time we go to Welkom.  

I think this one is upset about
a really bad hair day.
Minnions have made it to
South Africa.

I bet He would talk your ear
off if he had a chance.

These are sitting at the edge of a field.  They greet us every
time we go by.  More than once I have seen people pulled
off at the side of the road to get pictures.

These chickens are located at The
Cabin Farm Stall and Deli on the side of the road on
the way to Fickburg.  They are made of rusted metal

These fancy dudes  can be found at the Cherry Farm just down the road.

 Have you see so many smiling faces sitting in a row.  They are made out of round bales of hay.
Here is another line up of hay bale friends.  They are just as cute as can be.

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  1. I didn't know the minions were hiding out in South Africa, lol!