Thursday, March 13, 2014

Van Der Leek Family

These wonderful People are The Van Der Leek Family.  They have a standing invitation for all missionaries in the area to come to their house every Thursday night for Dinner.  They are a faithful Afrikaans family.  They are a lot of fun to be with.  Sister Van Der Leek teaches seminary for the Bloemfontein Ward and Brother Van Der Leek is a councilor in the Bishopric.  He is fond of telling the young missionaries if they are late to dinner he will hit them with a big stick.  He is a big man.  I think I will surely let him know if I am going to be late.

 As you can see the Elders Like being at the Van Der Leeks for a variety of reasons including the wonderful food.  The white elder you see on the left side of the table is Elder Farrin.  His family comes from the Gila valley.  He lived there as a small child and goes back when ever he gets the chance.  He plans on going back to study at EAC.  He is a really good basketball player even though he is not really tall.
The other missionary couple are the Clusters.  They are the PEF Missionaries. which means, Perpetual Education and Self Reliance Missionaries.  They will be going home the first of May.

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