Thursday, March 13, 2014


Welkom is the Afrikaans word that means welcome.  We first went to Welkom on the second Sunday we were in South Africa.  It was February 16, 2014.  This was the first place, "far away from home"
that we went on our own with only our GPS, "Elder Garmin" to guide us.  We left early in the morning, About 6:30 so we could make sure we would be on time for church at 9:00.

The drive was beautiful.  We could not believe all the beautiful fields of sunflowers and corn or maze as they call it here. In between fields of corn and sunflowers were massive areas of grassland, rolling hills and herds after herds of beautiful cattle of every kind and colors of white, black, browns, tans and rust.  I have never seen so many different markings and colors on cows before.  There are some really massive bulls that are unbelievable beautiful.  There where some smaller herds of maybe 30 or 40 and some much larger herds.  Dad would have loved to see the wide open spaces with so much feed that it is almost criminal.

This is a view of the Welkom
Church building.  It is one of
the oldest church buildings
built in  South Africa.  It was
built in the 1960's.  At that
time the Branch was made up
of mostly Afrikaans members.
Most of them have moved
out of Welkom, and many out
of Africa.
This is another view of the Welkom Building
Welkom is in the hands of these capable elders. Left to Right
Elder Kudtledi, Elder Mudzurawona, Elder Farmer, Elder Ndivo,
Elder Holman and Elder Hansen

We will be working a lot with these Elders because President Zackrison wants us to help in Welkom as much as we possible can.  We are finding it hard to be everywhere that we want and need to be when we want and need to be there.

President Senoge
President of Wlekom Branch

There are many really good people.  There are
hopes that Welkom will become the center of a 
new stake in the next 18 months or so.  That
 would be wonderful but they have a ways to go.

Welkom Seminary Teacher
Councilor in the Branch Presidency
                                   Welkom Seminary Teacher

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