Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saint Lucia Wetland Drive

One the second day of our retreat, Friday November 7, 2014 we went on a Saint Lucia Wetland drive and got to go to the Indian Ocean.  We road in a truck just like the ones we used for the game drive so we were able to see everything there was to see, which was a lot.

This was a fun day.  There was a cloud cover again this day which kept the day a bit cool but it brought out the animals in full force.  we saw animals almost continually as we drove around the wetlands.  It was beautiful and a very interesting to see so many different animals and so much water.    To an Arizona desert rat just to see so much water was a fascinating treat.

As part of the day we got to go to the the Indian Ocean.  We were hoping to go snorkeling or at least Elder Edington was.  I had decided to try but did not make any promises.  Unfortunately by the time we got to the ocean, the tide was coming in and the wind was terrible which made the waves too dangerous to snorkel or even swim.  Our guides said there were some really bad rip tides that would make snorkeling dangerous so we did not go.  I was hoping to get to see some good tide pools but even that was not possible.  It was fun to wonder up and down the beach.  And most important, it gave us bragging right to say that we had been in the Indian Ocean. Wonderful day!

Those in the pictures are:
Top left picture:  from left to right - President and Sister Zackrison, Elder and Sister Rowberry, President Johns, Elder and Sister Carlile, Elder and Sister Edington, Sister Polman and Sister Cinquini

Top Middle Picture:  Elder Edington in the background,  Elder and Sister Sutherland in the foreground

Top Right:  Elder and Sister Herrington

Middle left:  Elder Edington, Sister Carlile, Sister Edington

Middle:  Elder and Sister Edington. 

Middle right:  President and Sister Zackrison, Elder and sister Carlile, Elder and Sister Herrington, and Elder and Sister Sutherland.

Bottom left:  Sister Edington

Bottom Middle:  President and Sister Zackrison, Elder and Sister Rowberry, President Johns, Elder and Sister Carlile, Sister Polman, Sister Cinquini Elder and Sister Edington

Bottom Right:  Elder Edington

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