Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bloemfontein Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the missionaries  in Bloemfontein today Monday November 24, 2014.  We celebrated it today because it is p-day and the missionaries can have zone actvities on Mondays.  Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in South Africa so if we had Thanksgiving on Thursday the missionaries would have only 1 hour to celebrate. Elder and Sister Carlile and Elder and Sister Huls and Elder Edington and I made Thanksgiving dinner with as many of the trimmings as we could find. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls, candied sweet potatoes, pomegranate jello salad, cranberries and lemon, pumpkin and pecan pie. We had a wonderful time.

After we ate the wonderful food we each had the opportunity to tell some of the things we are grateful for.  Families and mission experiences were tops on the list of things we were all grateful.  The testimonies of gratitude were wonderful to experience.  I am so grateful we had this opportunity to share Thanksgiving with such wonderful young men.

This little girl and her mother joined us for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  She is a cute little sweetheart.  She has had a very rough start in life but hopefully things are getting better and she will be able to lead a normal life.  One blessing that has come from her tragedy is that her mother found the gospel  and has been baptized.  Elder and Sister Carlile have been a great help to Martha, the mother, in providing transport to and from the doctors.  They have been there to show love and support as well.

These young men work very hard in serving the Lord so today before and after lunch  they took some time to enjoy activities that help keep them rejuvenated.  They are taking a short break to fuel themselves and prepare for the continued missionary service of inviting people to come unto Christ.

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