Sunday, December 28, 2014

Larato Creche Christmas

Wayne Grobler, a returned missionary and son of the former Stake President, got the senior missionaries involved in a service project with the Lerato Creche.   The Creche is a pre-school, day car, church and even an orphanage for a few children here in Bloemfontein.

Here are some of the sweet children that greeted us as we arrived on Saturday December 6 to be a part of their Christmas celebration and Pre-School Graduation.  (They were preparing for their summer vacation)

This is the gathering inside the school room.  They had a cute blue castle on one wall and a pink castle on the other.  There was a Christmas tree with presents and lots of chairs for families.  Before the party started we danced to the music.  Some of those little kids could dance better than most adults I know.  They sure had good rhythm.

After the Prayer, welcome and introductions the missionaries had the opportunity to give a Christmas message.  They told the Nativity story using the Gospel art pictures.  It was a special opportunity to speak with a fairly large group of children and their families and share a message about the Christ Child.  They did a good Job.

     The Children performed the most interesting nativity.  Of course it was in Suetho so we did not understand all of it.  We did get the Mary and Joseph idea and no room in the inn.  It brought great pleasure to see Mary and Joseph riding on the back of a donkey.  

I loved the fact that the characters in the play were all in white face make up and wearing makeshift costumes.  It reminded me of the wonderful Christmas Eve Nativities that our family does every year.

After the nativity program the students performed native dances.  It was a precious experience.  I got some of the dances on video but i do not know how to get it on the blog.

The Pre-school children had a pre-school graduation.  They were so cute and so serious about their education.   I just hope they keep up the good work and continue to do their studies until their next graduations.

We had a wonderful day full of fun activities, sweet children and tremendous blessings.  Today  was a different kind of adventure.

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