Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mosa: Piano Student Extraordinaire

This is Mosa.  She is a beautiful and very talented ten year old girl from the Bloemfontein ward.  She has been asking her mom for a very long time if she could take piano lesson.  When Sister Carlile left to go home she gave Elder Edington two keyboards and books to teach piano to those who are interested in learning.  When Mosa's mom found out that Elder Edington could teach her daughter, the lessons began.  Mosa is amazingly bright and talented on the piano.   She is not afraid to try anything and practices like crazy.  She has already played for family home evening.  The students are given a keyboard with the expectation that they will learn, practice and then play for their ward or branch when they have learned how to play.

We have told her that she will be expected to play for church meeting and also to share her knowledge with others by teaching them what she has learned.  Mosa is already sharing what she has learned with another young lady.   She has to stay after piano lesson while her sister goes to young women.  We stay to teach seminary and one day we saw and heard Mosa teaching a young man (late teens early twenties) what she was learning.  She does not seem to be afraid of anything.  She will be a great asset to her ward as she becomes able to play for church meetings.


  1. What a gift to her and her ward. So glad you guys get to be a part of it.

  2. What a wonderful gift to share. For some reason when I met you in the temple yesterday for the sealing, I did not realize that I have read your blog from time to time and have it on my blog as a good one to visit. if you want to see some pictures of the new couple and the reception you can go to our blog at