Sunday, April 5, 2015

Birthday Surprise

Two unexpected birthday surprises came on my birthday March 29, 2015.

First, we attended the Bethlehem Branch Sunday meetings so we could visit the Van Der Leek Family that moved from Bloemfontein to Bethlehem.  Brother Van Der Leek was recently called to serve as the branch president.   After meetings, many of the members of the branch sang happy birthday to me.  Sister Louise Van Der Leek gathered them up and asked them to help sing to me.  It was very fun and not expected at all.

The second surprise came later that evening after we had gotten home from Bethlehem.  Elder Edington and I were watching a movie when we heard a knock at the door.  It was Elder and Sister Hulls and Elder and Sister Woolston carrying a cupcake cake.  They came in and again sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  We each enjoyed a very delicious chocolate cupcake with fondant frosting and a wonderful visit with friends.  It was a pleasant surprise that made me feel very loved.

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