Friday, January 23, 2015

Triple Zone Meeting

OnDecember 19th, 2014 we had a triple zone meeting consisting of the Bloemfontein, Lesotho and Bethlehem zones.  As usual it was a great day to learn and grow as zones.  President Zackrison taught as well as Assistants to the President Elder Farrin and Elder Manhanha.  Both of these missionaries Elder Edington and I have close ties to.  Elder Manhana Served in Welkom where he did a marvelous job helping us with the institute program there among many other things.  We love and appreciate all he did to help there.  Elder Farrin is close to our heart because he is from the Farrin Family from Pima AZ.  He left with his family as a young man but returned to Pima each summer to visit grandma and grandpa.  He loves the area and is planning to go back to EAC to study.
We have grown to love and appreciate these missionaries so much for their hard work in serving The Lord.  The Welkom Elder, the last 8 elders on the right of the picture above, are especially dear to us because we work with them closely as Welkom is the assignment we have from President.  We attend as many of their DDM's as we can.

 We also have a lot of association with the Bloemfontein Elders because they are the Elders that live right around us in the communities that are within an hour of our home.  We have zone activities with them and they help us with the wards and branches when we need help with seminary and institute.  It is wonderful to have so many good examples and so many willing to encourage and help the youth.

This zone consists of the missionaries that live and work in the country of Lesotho.  Lesotho is the small country that is located inside of South Africa.  It is surrounded by South Africa on all sides.  We do not work as much with these Elders but they have been life savers for the seminary and institute in this small country.  The missionaries were pulled out of Lesotho a few months ago and then were put back in just before Thanksgiving.  It is wonderful to have them back in the area teaching the wonderful people about the gospel.

Elder Edington missed the testimonies of the Elders that are going home because we had a graduation dinner in Thaba Nchu the same night.  The Carliles bore their testimony, so did Elder Matambala (one of our Welkom boys), and Elder Manhanha.  There were others but we did not know them as well.  It is becoming harder and harder to see these young men and Senior couples go home.  Unbelievable it will not be that long before it is time for us to go home.

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