Friday, January 30, 2015

Elder Agyman

These wonderful people are Elder Edington's parents, Colleen and Milton (Buck) Edington.  They were missionaries in Ghana Africa.  They arrived in Ghana on May 2, 1986, nearly 30 years ago.  This young  man that is standing between them is Agyeman.  He helped them in their home and made sure they could communicate and get the things they needed while they where there.  They have a special place in their hearts for him.  We have often heard them speak of Agyeman in a loving way.

You can imagine our excitement when Elder Agyeman showed up in Welkom.  We recognized the name immediately and imagined that there might be a connection between the Agyeman Buck and Colleen knew and the Agyeman that we had just met.

Elder Agyeman informed us that "Agyeman" is a tribal name so they might be related but he did not recognize the man from the picture.  I have still not given up.  I hope that someone will see this and make a connection.   Buck has passed on but Colleen is still living in Thatcher Arizona.  I am sure she would love to know what has happened to the young man she knew and cared about.

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  1. Has Grandma Buck seen this blog post and pictures? She would love this! That is so cool that you met an Agyeman from Ghana on your mission too. I hope that they are related somehow.