Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Braids, braids and more braids!

Tamra Ellen Edington Tilton this blog is especially for you, but the rest of you can look if you want.

I am constantly amazed at the braided hair of these beautiful women in South Africa.  I have been told there is no way I can have mine done because it is too short but mostly because it is too fine.  The hair pieces that are used for these amazing creations would slide right off of my hair.  Oh well.  I can still enjoy looking at and be amazed by the wonderful designs.  This sister is from Phutaditjhaba.


You can hardly tell what is the hair and what is the hair piece.  I asked if it hurt to have their hair braided and how long it took.  They laughed a bit and said yes it hurt and it took several hours, depending on the person doing it and the design.

Such sweet smiles and so much enthusiasm.   These two young women are from the Welkom Branch where we attended a talent show.  The mutual aged girls were earning money to go to a youth conference by washing cars so of course we had them wash ours.
This beautiful sister is Palesa Mangwegape.  She is a special friend.  She has been to our home to learn how to make cinnamon rolls and lemon meringue pie.  She was in our Preparing For An Eternal Marriage Class and the Book of Mormon Class.  She is the Stake Primary Secretary.  We love her sweet spirit.  Her hair is braided with extensions then put into a bun. 

Most of these sisters where at conference and were kind enough to let me take their pictures.

This young ladies hair is done in dreadlocks.  I was told that dreadlocks are all natural hair without extensions.  Most hair styles consist of extension, hair pieces, falls or even wigs.  This is one of the few all natural hair styles. 


The designs of the braids are always quite facinating. 

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  1. Aubrey wants you to learn how to do this so you can do it for her when you get home:)