Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aaron's Giraffes

These pictures are for our grandson Aaron Edington.  Every time we talk over Skype he asks if we have seen any giraffes yet.  We had seen them but had never been able to get very good pictures of them.

We finally went to Navel Hill last week on preparation day.  We had been there twice before but had not seen the giraffes either time,   We had traveled around the back way and gone all the way around the hill on the road only to find them very near where we usually see all the other animals near the front of the hill.  Oh well, who knew.  I am just glad that we finally got the pictures.

I am not sure how many giraffes are on Navel Hill but we saw two on this particular day.


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  1. I am loving all the posts and pictures. You guys look like you are having some amazing and busy adventures. Thanks for sharing! So happy you guys get this experiences. Thanks for your great examples! Love you lots!