Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Whole New Meaning For The Work Carnivore

While we were in Johannesburg with the Davies they took us out for and eating extravaganza.   Just walking into the Carnivore Restaurant was an exciting experience.

Every wall and every crock and cranny had something fun to see.  African animals, African Native statues, carvings, pictures, just to name a few.

I liked looking down over the dinning area and the giraffes made with neon lights.

The chair covers had a zebra design.  I like the statue of the two black natives that was hanging from the ceiling.
 Even the menu was fun.  Of course what was on the menu was even more fun.
We sat down at a table and then it really got fun.  Someone brought us hot towels
to wash our hands.
 The first thing that was served was a delicious cream of spinach soup served in a little black pot that looked like a witches cauldron.  The bread was served on a butcher block cutting board. Sister Davies sliced the bread and served it up to us all.  We enjoyed the company, the conversation and the food,
 The second thing served was a salad.  It came on a turn table.  You got your salad then put on what you wanted.  There were dressings for the salad and sauces to dip the different kind of meat into.
 After the salad, we were given plates for the main course.  A waiter brought us a baked potato and then every few minutes another waiter would bring us a different kind of meat to try.  The meat was on a huge skewer and had been cooked over an open flame.  The waiter would come by and ask us if you wanted to try a particular kind of meat.  He would give you as much or little as you wanted.

The first meat was some of the best chicken I have ever eaten,   Next came came bratwurst and then spare ribs.  I had never tasted lamb before I came to South Africa but that was what came next.  After that the meats started to get more exotic.  Crocodile Anyone?  Yes that is right!  We ate crocodile.  It was actually very tasty,  Wild eland and gemsbok were served next.  These are both a type of antelope.  They tasted a lot like deer meat and were a bit gamey but still very good.  The last meat we were served was ostrich,  I liked that a lot.  It is a dark meat like the dark part of a turkey leg.  It was a meat lovers heaven.  All in all it was an exciting adventure.

 These are a couple of the cooked who kept the skewers over the flames and turned them
when they needed.  They did an amazing job of cooking the meat.
Each skewer has a different kinds of meat on it.  If you do not like meat the Carnivore is definitely not for you.  After everyone had all the meat they wanted the desert came.  If you left this restaurant hungry it would certainly be your fault not theirs.  It was truly an adventure in eating.

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