Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy! Sad Day

This is Elder and Sister Cluster.  They have been serving as Employment specialists in the Durban mission.  They extended their mission and ended up here in Bloemfontein for the last part of their mission.  They were living in our apartment up until we got here.  They moved into an apartment next to Elder and Sister Carlile.  On Wednesday, April 23 we drove them to the airport.  They were traveling to Cape Town for a few days and then on home from there.  They should be home by now.  They have been wonderful friends to us and helped us get settled.

All packed and ready to go standing
outside the Bloemfontein Airport
These are some sculptures in front of
the airport.  It is really a nice little airport.

This is also part of the sculptures in
 front of airport.
It is hard to say goodbye to good friends but we are finding that is part of missionary work.  People are constantly coming and going.  It will even be harder in January to say goodbye to our dear friend the Carliles.  They have been like family to us and have welcomed us so well.  In fact Sister Carlile reminds me so much of Janie it is a bit strange.

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