Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lesotho Seminary and Institute Activities

Very Early on a cold Lesotho morning, seminary and institute students joined Elder and Sister Huls, Elder and Sister Edington, their teachers sister Lineo Mosletsane and Sister Keiso Tuliraba, President Monesa the branch president, and the young missionaries for a kick off breakfast to start the second term of the year.  It was very early and very cold but the student came in large numbers.

If it had not been for the help from all these wonderful people this activity would not have been successful.  Elder Edington and I could not have done this alone.  The Huls are true friends and hard working missionaries who we have counted on to help us with so many of the things we have set out to do.  Lineo and Keiso got there early and stayed until it was completed.  

The young missionaries were a great help but occasionally it was hard to tell them from the students.  They fit right in and enjoyed themselves right along with everyone else.

It was wonderful to have the support of the local leaders because they are the ones that have to make seminary and institute work on a weekly bases.  we come every once in  while to give the program a shot in the arm but they are the ones that really make it or break it.  It was great to have the opportunity to talk with President Monesa for a while.  

The breakfast was a big success with plenty of fresh hot pancakes to go around.  The youth and young adults ate the pancakes as fast as the teachers and Elder Huls could cook them but no one went away hungry unless they just didn't like 

After the breakfast we had class.  The topic of discussion was how we as individuals had the right to personal revelation, how to prepare to receive it and how to recognize it when we see it. Elder Edington taught the institute age students and I taught the seminary age students.    President Monesa spoke to the seminary students about the importance of seminary in his liv.  He told of three different times in his life when what he learned at seminary helped him to make a correct decision.  His message was very powerful.  I hope the students were listening very carefully.  After his message we had a great lesson about personal revelation.  It was w wonderful conclusion to a very good morning.

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