Sunday, June 21, 2015

Angry Birds in South Africa

Last year it was the minions.  This year it is angry birds.  It is so much fun to look for these on the side of the road as we travel to Welkom.  These angry bird characters are made out of round bales of hay covered in colored plastic, just like the minions from last year.   Someone here is very creative.  It makes for fun on a long trip.  We are no longer going to Welkom most weeks like we use to.  We now go to Kimberly for DDMs.  (District Develop Meetings).

When we were coming home from one of our last trips to Welkom we decided to go down the road that is right by the angry birds.  We were surprised to find this minion in a helicopter.  He is so cute and so much fun to look at.  (At least we now know how the minions got here to South Africa.) Fun!  Fun!

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