Sunday, May 3, 2015

Parnell's Practically Perfect B&B

We have been privileged to have a wonderful MLS missionary couple, Elder and Sister Parnell, who live in Maseru in the country of Lesotho.  Having them living in Maseru has been a tremendous blessing for us.  We have teachers at the university of Lesotho in Roma,  Masianokeng, Maseru and in Leribe.  It is difficult to see every teacher on the same day because of the distances to travel.  It can be done but it makes a very long and tiring day.  The Parnells have been so gracious as to play host to us on many more than one occasion.  They have made our trips to Lesotho pleasant adventures rather than trying obligations.  Knowing that we did not have to travel home but could stay overnight in a pleasant and inexpensive environment was a comfort to our spirits and a blessing to our physical well being.  We have often teased Elder and Sister Parnell, telling them they have the best Bed and Breakfast in all of Lesotho.  In fact, it is the truth.

Parnell's Practically Perfect Bed and Breakfast
The events of this past week have brought about disappointing consequences.  Sister Parnell has suffered some serious medical setbacks that will require them to return to their home in Utah.  This is a grave disappointment for us all.  They have been a vital part of the care and support system to the missionaries in Lesotho as well as a tremendous support to the Maseru branch.  We will miss their friendship, their willingness to help with Seminary and institute and of course the gracious hospitality of their B&B.

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