Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Short and The Tall of the Mission

This is a perfect example of diversity in the mission field.  On the left is Elder Brimhall from Mississippi USA.  He is our new Zone Leader (6'7')  The Elder in the middle is a new elder from Madagascar, Elder Rokotomanana. He is closer to my 5' height.  Elder Rokotomanana has a great spirit about him and wears his hight well.   Elder Huls is the senior missionary on the right side.  

Three of the finest stifling warriors

Most everyone makes me feel short but I can walk under Elder
Brimhall's outstretched arms without even trying to miss them.  I so
identify with Elder Rokotomanana.  He is my new hero because he
has a giant spirit in a short body and yes he is taller than me but
 not by much.   He has such a positive attitude and a wonderful smile.

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