Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Home Away From Home

 Our Home Away From Home

 Welcome to our new home.  This is looking at the front of our apartment.  To the left you see our Garage.  It is closed in on two sides.  In the middle is the gate and path to our front door and to the right is the outside of our yard.  The window you see is the bay window in our bedroom.



This is the view from the front gate.  The yard is so cute and so well kept.  I love all the bushes and flowers. 

This view is showing some of our flowers.  To the left is the garage and to the right is the front door.  Brick is a very popular building material.  There are lots of brick pathway, fences and houses here in Bloemfontein.   

Our car is tucked away in our garage.  It is closed in on two sides and open but quite covered with vegetation on the other two sides.

It looks like grandpa might have been put in jail but actually this is our from door.  We live in a gated community with bars on all the windows and both doors.  We keep them locked all the time.

It looks like grandpa is in jail but actually we live in a gated community with bars on all the windows and the two doors.  We keep them locked all the time whether home or not.

This is the front room as you look at it from the kitchen

This is the kitchen looking
from the front room.

 This is the kitchen.  It is not very big but I do not have to walk far to reach everything.  If you walk in front of the stove and behind the cupboards there is a washroom with a  small washer and dryer and the sink to wash dishes.

This is the bed room.  I love the big bay window behind the curtains.  I could not get a good picture of it because there was too much light

Of course this is a very necessary room and must be included in the tour.  It has a nice shower to the left of where I am standing in the doorway.

Last but not least is our office where we do our seminary records, which requires far more time than we imagined.  The internet or the church program, one or the other, is quite slow.   After we get all the classes recorded we should not have as much computer work to do.  We hope.


  1. Beautiful home! Everything is so green. I love the brick work also. Grandma says that you aren't really in Africa. She loved reading you blog though. Looks like they are keeping you busy and taken care of. We love you guys! Keep up the good work.

  2. looks like a good home you will have for the next little bit. Thanks for sharing its almost like we were there. :)

  3. We really enjoy living here at our apartment. It is just the right size for us.